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Our practice provides a wide range of services/equipment

To name just a few:

  • 15 minute Vet appointments, morning and evening for all your first-opinion and routine pet care needs (genuine emergencies will be prioritised according to need when triaged).
  • 15 minute Nurse Clinic appointments - senior wellness, diabetic and weight clinics, post-operative checks, blood sampling, blood pressure checks, microchipping, advice on parasite control, suture removal and more. Please call for info on availability.
  • Routine neutering and non-specialist surgeries – for cases requiring a specialist, we are happy to refer to all regional referral surgeons/medics such as Fitzpatrick’s and Southern Counties. Also, for certain cases, a visiting Specialist Vet (including dentistry and endoscopy) can be arranged for in-house surgery, which is convenient and can often save on referral costs.
  • On-site laboratory for blood chemistry (monitoring thyroid, kidney, liver problems, tests for lungworm, parvovirus, pancreatic disease),  microscopy (ear swabs, skin scrapes) and urine analysis.
  • Separate cat ward with specially designed cages and Feliway diffuser 24/7  to ease their stress, separate dog ward  and isolation ward.
  • Separate Operating theatre with heated operating tabletop to keep our patients warm while under anaesthetic.
  • Top quality multiparameter monitor – monitors your pet’s pulse and respiratory rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, blood pressure and temperature while under anaesthesia.
  • Incubator – a warm environment for recovering our small patients in after anaesthesia, and to provide an enriched-oxygen atmosphere for patients with respiratory problems.
  • Imaging/dental room, housing our direct digital x-ray equipment, (speeding up the process of radiography for your pet),  ultrasound machine, bronchoscope and high-quality dental machine
  • Comfortable Family room for sensitive procedures requiring peace and quiet.
  • Pet Passports – Official Veterinary Surgeon for health examinations and completion of  relevant paperwork for travel.

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Portchester Vets

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